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Smoking / Cigarettes / Tobacco

December 15, 2018

Yours is the 7418th visit to this page since 23-Nov-98.

We're living in a time when many believe folks who smoke cigarettes and then fall ill somehow "deserve" what happens to them -- after all, they knew how dangerous smoking can be, right?

That, however, misses the point, we feel; and the information that underlies this idea may -- or may not -- be as accurate as it appears. Generally, most of us know what our experts tell us; what we don't know is what they may neglect to tell us.

  • Bill Drake's Smoke and Illusion site. Suppose the problem is -not- tobacco, but "cigarettes"...? Are they one and the same? And is Nicotine the "great addicter" in cigarettes? Perhaps not....

  • Attorney Lauren Colby has written a book for you, In Defense of Smokers, debunking most of the scientific studies that underlie official pronouncements about the dangers of smoking. After reading what's at Bill Drake's site (above), we're no longer sure Larry's got this right -- but you want to know what he's been thinking anyway.

  • The FORCES "Pro-Choice in Smoking" site. Are the evils of smoking so great they're worth new law to control your neighbors...? Ponder the question carefully before you decide.

  • Are the anti-smoking campaigns and the federally mandated anti-smoking school curricula a thoroughly good use of your tax dollars? Lyndelle McCoy has some interesting thoughts on that subject.

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