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December 15, 2018

Yours is the 7495th visit to this page since 25-Nov-98.

  • American College for Advancement in Medicine members are all M.D.'s and D.O.'s who have gone beyond their full conventional training and offer such things as chelation treatments, nutritional therapies, et al., in their office and clinic practices. Fill-in your postal code on the form at this site to locate ACAM members in your area.

  • John Kalinski started doing research on conventional medical diagnoses in 1982, after losing the use of his left arm -- perhaps because his doctor had no faith in a particular medical procedure and therefore failed to inform John about that other option. John's "Second Opinion" Medical Information Service is ready to do a bit of research for you, if you'd like. "Your Complete Medical Information Resource Site. Best doctors/hospitals - diagnosis reports - physician misconduct searches -and much more. A must see site." John posts a schedule of fees for his services but he also maintains an Indigent Fund and accepts contributions for that. Like us, he doesn't ever want to have to turn anyone away -- and, like us, he needs to make a few dollars in order to be able to provide this service that really is "a labor of love" on his part.

  • Association for Network Chiropractic

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